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The >>T>W<O<< song “Through Dense Woodland”, (yet to be released), made Top 30 in the Instrumental Section of the Australian Songwriters Association, (ASA), 2016 Song Competition. The song was also judged a Finalist, (Instrumental Section), in the MusicOz Song 2016 Competition.


>>T>W>O<< did release an EP, “The Instant of Knowing" in 2012 however in 2015 I decided to, withdraw this EP, originally released on 15th October, 2012, from sale on iTunes, Amazon and the like. I have done this as a part of a move to extract myself from a distribution contract, which was both undesirable and costly.

As result of this I have been taking some time, (a lot of time), to re-evaluate my directions for future projects. While this continues I have been steadily working on new music and I am planning on some re-works/re-mixes of some older material in the future.


The Widest Ocean (a.k.a. Gregory A Lawson) is a Finalist for 3 songs being, "Over" in the Rock Category, and "Renewal" & "Heavy Weather" in the Instrumental Category in the 2013 MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards.

Living with chronic depression and anxiety which is for the most part medication resistant is extremely difficult to say the least. There are long periods where the songwriting process just doesn't happen at all. This nomination gives me the confidence to move forward and to never, never give up!

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