The Widest Ocean


(a.k.a. Gregory A Lawson – Singer/Songwriter, Producer)


The aim of The Widest Ocean, a.k.a. Gregory A. Lawson, (>>T>W<O<<), is to compose, record and distribute music that is in step with the times but which also provides a purposeful departure from, and distinct alternative to, todays mainstream music.

I have been following my passion for composing and recording music for many years, exploring various styles and genres, but ultimately gravitating toward a minimalistic style emphasising, when employed, simple poetic lyrics. My songs attempt to explore a range of emotional shades; light and dark; positive and negative, and offer differing views of happiness, sadness, love and loss. I find these opposing emotions intriguing and I attempt to convey these emotional shades through my music.

I hate the use of “genre” to tag music but in the absence of other means to describe one’s style it has been suggested that some of my music is loosely described as a kind of “Chill-out” and another style I use is defined as “Rock”.

My journey began as a singer, fronting a number of bands in both Tasmania and Victoria, Australia, however, the progression to composing and the expression of an original style was inevitable.

I hope you, the listener, enjoy, and find meaning in my music.